Seven considerations for finding office space for rent near near

7 Considerations When Finding Office Space for Rent Near Me

Renting an office space can be intimidating, especially when it's your first time. Whether you’re a solopreneur or planning on launching a business from the ground up, finding an office space to rent near you can be daunting. Most entrepreneurs ...
member spotlight: dan bryant

Member Spotlight: Dan Bryant

Joining a coworking space means working alongside people who are chipping away on any number of projects or innovations. It’s our pleasure to help you get to know what other Duo Works members are working on, so that you can ...
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Happy 1st Birthday to Duo Works!

We're excited that today is the one year birthday and the anniversary of Duo Works. A year ago, Linda and I set out with this crazy idea to own a coworking, office, and event space in addition to both our ...
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What Type of Different Types of Coworking Space Options Are Important?

Not only are more people working remotely today than at any time in history, there’s a growing trend towards entrepreneurship and one-person startup companies. While we’ve all heard the stories of Silicon Valley startups growing from someone’s garage or spare ...
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What Are the Perks and Benefits of Coworking Spaces Near Me?

Check out our Austin Coworking Map and find the perfect cowork location for you in Austin, TX. Click here to download. More American employees are working remotely, and they are doing so for longer periods, according to a 2017 Gallup ...
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