6 Important Conference Room and Event Space Rental Features

Whether you’re working from home, starting a side venture, leasing coworking space, or you need space to hold conferences, meetups, or events, you want to make sure the conference room or event space you choose can handle your specific needs. Choosing a venue is the one decision that will have the largest impact on your event.

Selecting a Conference Room and Event Space

Conference and event space is important as it sets the tone for your entire event, which is why there are some important benefits, perks and features to look for and ask about when you are choosing an event and conference space near you.

Privacy versus open space

Do you need a large event gathering space, but also private meeting rooms for breakout sessions? Or if you’re holding a networking event, is there enough space to mix and mingle, but also meeting areas for attendees to meet on the fly? When considering renting a conference or event space, find out if the space you’re looking into has both options.


How many people can the event space accommodate? Duo Works has conference room and event space options that seat up to 100 people. Additionally, we offer modular seating including tables, chairs, and couches. Whiteboards and a projector for presentations are included at no additional charge. Duo Works meeting space is ideal for evening presentations, networking events, and meetups because it can flex from two to 100 attendees.

Flexible seating

When you’re planning and organizing your conference, you might have an estimate of the size of the event space you need based on projected attendance. However, it’s important to be prepared for the unexpected. If you’re expecting no more than 50 registrants, but find out two weeks before your event that the number might be closer to 100, you’re going to need a larger space (or to cap your attendee number and therefore limit the amount you’re taking in to cover your costs). If you have a space with flexible seating options like Duo Works, it’s easy to increase the seating and configuration of your space to accommodate larger or smaller groups than you initially projected.

Free ample parking

Parking is especially important in Austin, TX. If you’re charging attendees for your conference, you’ll need to factor the cost of parking into the ticket price for your event. Parking is a premium in cities like Austin. A coworking space like Duo Works has free parking, and is also centrally located near highways and major roads in Austin that makes it easy to find. For a local event, you may be looking for a venue within a reasonable distance from most attendees’ homes or places of work.

High-speed internet

Wireless fiber internet enables video streaming and interaction using social media. This is especially important considering the power of social media for promoting your organization or company during the event with a hashtag that encourages attendees to share their experiences. You’ll also want to ensure that your presenters can stream videos or demos without buffering. Fiber internet is the gold standard for events that go on without a hitch or technical issue.

Open catering restrictions

Look for catering policies that don’t limit you to pricey food catering options, which can help you stay on budget by making your event more affordable. Some event spaces require you to use their catering services and that can put a huge dent in your budget. Many venues that offer food and/or beverages set a minimum food and beverage spending amount (known as an F&B minimum), which limits your options. If you’re having a “brown bag” style event where your attendees bring a lunch, or if you’re inviting local catering businesses to sponsor your event, you’ll want to make sure the space you’re renting is flexible for these options since this can save you a lot of money.

Duo Works as a Great Event and Conference Space for Rent

Duo Works in Austin has a wide range of event, office, and meeting room options from the 870- square-foot Americano Training Room that seats up to 65 in theatre style, the Espresso Room which seats up to 24 in classroom style, to 4-8 person meeting rooms that can suit a small corporate offsite or meeting. Visit Duo Works rentals to see the features included with each space as well as hours, amenities and availability. You can also schedule a tour by calling 512-686-4693 or emailing info@duo.works.

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Jessica Miller-Merrell, is the co-owner of Duo Works. She's recognized by Forbes as a top 50 social media influencer and is the founder of Workology. Follow her on Twitter, @jmillermerrell.

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