COVID-19 Protocols & Procedures

Your Safety Is Our Top Priority 


Here Are the Steps We’re Taking to Ensure Safety for Members & Guests:

– Practice social distancing within our coworking and office space of 6 feet per person.

– We are now recommending all members and guests where a mask when moving about our space unless you are in your own private office or reserved desks and able to maintain social distancing recommendations.

– Reserved desks will be every other row for now and we may temporarily relocate members, tenants, and guests to other areas in the office to allow for social distancing if we see the need.

– We will provide more frequent cleaning and sanitation procedures throughout the day for high use; high contact areas and have plenty of sanitizer in our space for your use.

– Our landlord has continued to clean all public and high traffic areas based on CDC and state recommendations.

– Duo Work Staff perform wellness self-checks prior to coming to work.

– We ask all members, guests, and visitors to abide by CDC protocol (previously published) and not come to our space sick or if they have been in contact with anyone with Covid-19 until completing quarantine.

– Wash your hands when using the facilities

– We are using disposable paper products and utensils in the kitchen

– No coffee service or breakfast aside from self-service


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