What Type of Different Types of Coworking Space Options Are Important?

Not only are more people working remotely today than at any time in history, there’s a growing trend towards entrepreneurship and one-person startup companies. While we’ve all heard the stories of Silicon Valley startups growing from someone’s garage or spare room, more and more innovators are using coworking spaces and office share to speed their time to launch.

Coworking Space and Office Share Options

Whether you want a professional conference room to conduct in-person meetings with investors, or to be part of a community of like-minded solopreneurs, a coworking space can be a solution to everything a small startup or solo business needs. Once you’ve decided that working from home or a café is not the best option from you, the next viable affordable option is a coworking space. There are many different types, including shared office, incubators, studio offices, and cubicle “farms” to rent. When you’re considering what’s best for your work needs, it’s important to evaluate a coworking space on your current needs as well as room for growth. You’re a one-person startup today, but in today’s economy, you could be a three, five or eight-person office within a year. You want a space that gives you the room you need now, and the room you’ll need as your business grows.

Different coworking spaces offer different arrangements for use. The flexibility is what makes them perfect for a growing business. You can start by working from home, but renting conference rooms or office space by the hour for professional meetings or working sessions. When you’re evaluating a coworking space, you’ll want to ask about meeting room availability, booking terms, cost, and definitely tour the space. Coworking spaces like Duo Works even give members access to meeting room credits, and you can book them easily, especially if your coworking space of choice has a mobile booking app.

Coworking Spaces Offer Part-Time, Full-Time, & Reserved Desk Options

If you’re in the market for a part-time space until you’re ready to grow into a full-time office share, coworking spaces are perfect when you need flexibility. Many have central reception areas, along with reserved desks or offices, as well as open coworking areas. Some, like Duo Works coworking in Austin even have 24/7 access for those of us who prefer to work until the wee hours or start work before sunrise or late into the night, along with mail service, food delivery, access to experts, free and ample parking, among others.

You can rent specific rooms for events, such as training sessions, and coworking spaces like Duo Works in Austin has rooms that seat up to 100, which make them ideal for group meetups or large presentations. Local conference groups love these spaces, as they’re super affordable to rent for weekend events, and Duo Works in Austin even has ample free parking to accommodate large gatherings.

When your side hustle begins to grow into a full-time business, coworking spaces offer the flexibility and room to grow that your amazing idea requires. Duo Works offers memberships for its coworking community, from part-time access (that includes office amenities) to full-time membership that offers access to meeting room credits to reserved desk members who might need a smaller workspace (that includes a dedicated desk and file cabinet, plus 24/7 access and meeting room credits) to office tenant memberships that offers dedicated office space from 108-502 square feet, meeting room credits, 24/7 access and mail service.

Duo Works hosts weekly and monthly events for members that are open to anyone in the community. It’s a great opportunity to see not only the coworking space, but also meet some of the shared office space tenants. We’d love to meet you and hear about the exciting things you’re working on. Check out the scheduled events here!

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Jessica Miller-Merrell, is the co-owner of Duo Works. She's recognized by Forbes as a top 50 social media influencer and is the founder of Workology. Follow her on Twitter, @jmillermerrell.

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